Couple Growth

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The cast of K arranged by height, put together by my partner AngelKier and posted here with her permission~

Full view these, it’s really something to see! First two images span the entire cast shortest-to-tallest, while bottom sets compare the members of Homra and Scepter 4 respectively. Scans and official heights from A Memory of Kings: K Official Guidebook.


i’ve got a problem

sportive animes

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it has been one of my greatest dreams to beat the living shit out of something at least once so god fucking help anybody that ever tries to assault me because i will be brimming with every violent urge that i have ever tucked away in my entire life

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do you ever notice how like, we have our own language for fanfic that only readers understand?

for example

“36k wip destiel hs au on ao3”

I can’t believe I understood all those words

oh my god

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Guys who try to use the “Are you on your period?” as way to end an argument always amuse me. Because it gives me the excuse to lean in close and whisper.

"I started my day by waking up in a pool of my own blood. Is that how you’d like me to end yours?"

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