screaming quietly into hands ajdfjklsahk

I—I think Kagami’s is my favorite, between the waistcoat (which should be worn by men MORE OFTEN, OKAY, SUPER HOT) and the blush, h-he’s just so cute oh god stop making me feel like such a cougar.

KISE, MY LOVE, beautiful as always. LOOK AT YOU BEING SUCH A SHOW-OFF. lol he’s so pleased to be marked, which totally colors his “let’s keep it a secret” gesture.

Midorima, on the other hand, so proper and unruffled. He knows it’s there, right? He has to know it’s there or he’d look more irritated wondering why people keep staring at him, hahaha.

Aomine… why do I feel like you tried to get a much deeper kiss out of what was clearly meant to be just a peck… You are the sort of person who would do that…

I find the placement of Murasakibara’s really cute somehow—like it brings to attention his typical half-lidded expression and sort of… sexes it up…

Kind of alkjdfha over Akashi because on one hand: hot. On the other hand: lol the idea of Akashi letting someone near his back. Although maybe I do kind of get a worshipful feeling from it…?

KUROKO, SO ADORBS. And Takao is so flirty. Aww, happy Seirin!