Second in DRAMAtical Murder x Kuroko no Basket set:  Noiz x Midorima!!

….*weeps*  I thought I was doing an okay job making it match the other one, but after I finished I realized that lighting constrasts were way too much and the lines too bold and ;_;  Fail consistency, fail!! And I can’t do glasses.  Or lighting.  Or objects being held ;____; Yet despite this, I really want to be able to make a full photoset at the end, so please bear with all the fluctuations in my doodling style >.<

Other than that….well.  So that’s why Midorima tapes his fingers >.>  And giving Shin-chan piercings was one of the funniest things I’ve ever drawn. :P (in my head, he uses those belt bunny cubes like Pokeballs to store his lucky items.  Not that that any makes in DMMd world logic)

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 500+ NOTES ON AKASHI!! m(_ _)m  I apologize for the slow update, Mukkun should be faster…?  And welcome new followers~! \(^o^)/ You guys are awesome!

All rough sketches posted here

Full cast (links to be added as I finish them):

Aoba - Kuroko

Koujaku - Akashi

Noiz - Midorima

Mink - Murasakibara

Clear - Kise

Ren - Aomine

Virus & Trip - Himuro & Takao

Mizuki - Kagami

Sei - Nijimura


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ren pls.

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BY  恩太郎@スパコミ西2K45b


ドラマダログ by もす

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SCC ポケッティー


Dramatical Murder: re-connect
by ちぎら @ pixiv